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Innovative Data Analysis Software



Inora relies on its core Math Engine technology to build and license intelligent decision-making software for use in a wide range of industries. Additionally, we can implement our core algorithms into your existing software for improved functionality.




Product risk analysis, in-process inspection and decision making, vehicle sales analysis, supply chain optimization, and more.



Navigation, in-line inspection, reliable decision making for control system algorithms, and precise target identification. 




Finance & Banking

Instantaneous, global-market data analysis for trading floor decisions and investment/loan risk analysis.


Oil and Natural Gas

Immediate analysis of geological exploration data, real-time optimization of traffic and supply routes, and real-time signal analysis. 




Insurance & Health

Dynamic risk analysis, including actuarial data analysis and out-of-line claim detection. Preventative screening for health and lifestyle recommendations.


General Manufacturing

In-line inspection, real-time supply chain optimization, machine setup independent of axial orientation, and real-time inventory and production scheduling. 




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