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Inora’s Technology Will Enhance Countless Industries With Its Business Intelligence Software

Our intelligent decision-making software (business intelligence software) has already made waves in the automotive industry. In addition to Inora-powered products, many of our clients — including top automobile manufacturers — leverage Inora’s proprietary algorithms for custom market applications. Versatility and flexibility are hallmarks of our Math Engine. As an analytical tool, it can be used to extract new insights from vast datasets across multiple enterprises. Below are just a handful of industries and applications that could greatly benefit from Inora’s Math Engine.


  • Navigation
  • Precise target identification
  • Elimination of erroneous signals
  • Manufacturing: in-line inspection of components, subsystems, and systems
  • Precise, high-speed, accurate, and reliable decision making for control system algorithms, including avionics, fuel efficiency, air pressure, pressure sensors, wings, etc.

Artificial Intelligence and Situational Awareness

  • Integrate a reliable decision-making process into deep learning and neural network algorithms
  • Instantaneous determination and extrication of unnecessary data
  • Bring situational awareness to your current AI framework


  • Product risk analysis
  • Elimination of erroneous warning signals
  • Manufacturing: quick, in-process inspection and decision making
  • Design and development: optimization of vehicle stability control, engine control, brake system control, power steering control, transmission control, and dynamic vehicle control
  • Navigation systems: radar, sensor fusion, and dynamic vehicle performance control
  • ADAS general management: vehicle sales analysis, parts distribution analysis, and sales data analysis
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle communication


  • Financial risk analysis to identify ideal investment opportunities (hedge funds, etc.)
  • Risk ratings for stocks and bonds
  • Real-time forecasting
  • Stock floor trading
  • Decision assistance for high-volume stock trading
  • Mortgage application analysis

General Manufacturing

  • In-line inspection
  • Real-time supply chain optimization
  • Precise CNC control
  • Robotics and CNC machine setup, regardless of axial orientation
  • Real-time inventory control and production scheduling

Insurance and Health

  • Dynamic insurance risk analysis
  • Actuarial data analysis
  • Preventive screening for health and lifestyle recommendations
  • Out-of-line claim detection

Oil and Natural Gas

  • Satellite monitoring
  • Ground and water exploration
  • Real-time data-signal analysis for oil exploration
  • Supply chain optimization

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