Manufacturing Excellence Data Analysis Consulting

Expert Data Computation

Inora offers data consulting in the following areas:

  • Flatness
  • Roundness
  • Cylinder Form
  • Straightness

Similar to these geometric models the Math Engine can be applied to any other model and data set.

What services does Inora offer for Data consulting and computation?

We offer a full spectrum of Math Engine support to our clients. This can range from computing a single data set to providing training classes about the paradigm shift technology to in-depth data computational projects and advice. Our expert consultants can provide services both on-site and remotely from Inora offices. Put simply, you give us the data and we provide you unbiased, true knowledge from it.

How is this different from any other data analysis consulting?

Inora brings an enhanced, fresh perspective on data analysis using the core Math Engine as the basis for all computations. Since Inner Reference is found in every set of data, there is an instantaneous knowledge of where maximum efficiency is and how to adjust the inputs to reach it. Often the mass data that an organization accumulates is heterogeneous, which has made it hard if not impossible to efficiently analyze in the past. The Math Engine can handle any type of homogeneous, heterogeneous, or mixed data (general solution to heteroscedasticity).


Can Inora help me in areas other than geometry?

The simple answer is: Yes! Regardless of the data: set, size, number of observations, number of parameters we will provide you with knowledge. The Math Engine is an optimization tool, so if there is an area of your operations you want to bring to maximum efficiency it will immediately pinpoint any issues and give you a road-map to reach the highest level of efficiency mathematically possible. The limitation to this power is that the data set provided needs to be in a numerical, digital format (a matrix of data).

What If I don’t Even know what all the data I’ve collected means?

When you gather data there are two possible scenarios. The first scenario is you know exactly what you’re looking for in the data but significant time is spent to analyze it using assumptions as well as human intervention. In this case Inora brings value by automatically giving you the results without any human bias. The second possible scenario is when you have a “data graveyard” where mass data has been collected and nobody is quite sure what to do with it. In this case Inora helps by defining how close to optimum this data is and find subsets of correlations and Inora can recommend an optimized model to check the data against.

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