Advanced Process Optimization Software

Let Inora Streamline Your Process

When you are in the manufacturing industry, keeping your operations as organized and efficient as possible is vital. Inora can help you do just that.

Our advanced product lines are all based on our innovative Math Engine technology, which is an analytical tool that extracts reliable, real-time insights from any set of data you present. All of our Intelligent Decision Making products have revolutionized the manufacturing process in multiple industries, including aerospace and automotive. From the in-line inspection to precision measurement, our products can save you time, reduce inefficiencies based on human error, and automate your processes, all of which will save you money in the long run.

Learn more about each one of our process optimization software products and how they can help you streamline how your company functions here:

  • Machine Verification
    Looking for immediate verification of machine alignment and accuracy? Our Machine Verification products give you automatic volumetric machine health checks, rotational axis checks, and next-level calibration spheres for calibrating and checking probes.
  • Gap Measurement
    Our advanced gap measurement products offer portable, rapid, and precise measurement in stationary and handheld form.
  • Door Closing Effort
    Having the ability to accurately measure the amount of effort required to close a door is an important part of automotive and aerospace design. Our innovative Omni-slam will accurately determine minimum door-closing effort, every time.
  • Data Analysis Software
    Inora also offers outstanding data analysis software that creates value by automatically detecting unexpected deviations and finds the true behavior of the data set, with no human intervention. Download and test drive a our data analysis software today.


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