Inora ElliSan

Inora ElliSan
Ellisan Screenshot

Inora Ellisan Screenshot. Function 1

Inora ElliSan

Inora ElliSan is a game that delivers a hands-on, 2-D experience of our proprietary Math Engine.

Function 1: Determine the Inner Reference Game

At the beginning of the game, you’ll see a small sleeve, similar to a tube or a ring. Every time you click within the “playing field,” you create and position new points. As soon as you have created five points, the balance of your points will be displayed: this is the Inner Reference for this set of points.

The goal is to place and add points in the playing field in such a way that their balance curve, or Inner Reference, lies totally inside the sleeve. The fewer points it takes you, the better!

Function 2: Free-Form “Try It” Tab

Function 2 is similar to Function 1, but it is completely freestyle. This enables you to create your own custom cloud of points by clicking within the playing field. Create as many points as you want. When you’re done creating your cloud, the software will display its Inner Reference and center of equilibrium.


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