Automotive Engineering Software

Automotive Engineering Software

Minimum Door Closing Effort: What We Have Done

Inora’s Math Engine-based product line extends into automotive engineering software, revolutionizing the automotive manufacturing process, from in-line inspection to precision measurement. Inora software saves time, reduces inefficiencies, and automates the manufacturing process with completely reliable, rapid, reproducible results, every single time, regardless of the data set size.

All of our Artificial Deterministic Intelligence driven products are derived from mathematical decision making, which means no assumptions, no hypothesis, no randomness, no guessing, and no fuzziness. Self regulated and efficient, our automotive engineering software will help you unlock new levels in process capability and autonomous control and automation.


Click below for more information on our Door Closing Effort Automotive Engineering Software:

  • OmniSlam
    Developed specifically for deterministic door closing effort in the automotive industry, Inora’s OmniSlam is an easy to use system that determines the minimum closing effort required to shut a door. This is a key component in automotive design and manufacturing as it helps prevent door malfunctioning and potential injury, therefore it is imperative that the software used to determine the closing effort be reliable. Inora’s OmniSlam is simultaneously operator tolerant and deterministic, and only requires one door closing instance to provide an automatic tolerance reading, which completely eliminates human error and variation.The OmniSlam software also comes with two integrated functions to enhance usability. 

    • Engineering Suite
      This system enables testing to determine tolerance limit settings and behavior for a range of door closings. This function can be used for R&D, engineering, and testing applications.
    • Inline Software
      This function is specifically designed for operators who are testing door-closing effort directly on the assembly line. The software uses the tolerances established in the Engineering Suite and provides a simple “good/not good” reading with the use of a simple sensor, the scanned vehicle bar-code, and as little as one single door closing.