Machine Condition Monitoring

Machine Condition Monitoring

Machine Condition Monitoring & Verification: What We Have Done

All of our innovated Math Engine product lines bring you precision measurement, save you time, reduce your inefficiencies, and automate your manufacturing processes.

Inora’s Machine Monitoring and Verification software is no exception. Each one of our machine check products gives you reliable, reproducible, efficient results, every single time, no matter the size of the data set.

Our line of machine condition monitoring and verification software uses Artificial Deterministic Intelligence, which eliminates the fuzzy logic of traditional Artificial Intelligence with precise mathematical decision making that makes no assumptions, gives no hypothesis, is never random, uses no guesswork, and produces no fuzzy results.

  • Inora SRS
    Our Inora SRS (Spatial Reference System) is the premier automatic volumetric machine health check, dramatically speeding the process of maximizing machine accuracy and consistency quickly and efficiently. The SRS also requires no specific orientation and only takes 10-30 minutes to complete, as opposed to the traditional three to five hours, which makes the setup and testing process a breeze.
  • Current Axis Test
    This rotational axis test is an easy to use automatic health check for rotary axis machines such as 4th and 5th axis CNC machines and lathes. Using our Current Axis Test regularly reduces downtime, scrap and rework costs, and creates consistency across the board.
  • Inora Probe Check
    The the next level calibration sphere for calibrating and checking probe, our Probe Check is an easy to  use, ,automatic check to determine the accuracy of any probe. Using ADI combined with precision sphere hardware commonly referred to as tooling balls or calibration spheres, the Inora Probe Check applications include CMM, CNC, laser scanning, and more, and is available in both shiny and matte finishes.