Deterministic Minimum Door-Closing Effort

Deterministic Minimum Door-Closing Effort

Accurately Determine Minimum Door-Closing Effort

Operator Independent Door Closing Effort System

Setup of the OmniSlam Sensor near the striker

OmniSlam is an easy-to-use system that determines the minimum closing effort required to shut a door. Powered by our Math Engine technology, the system automatically determines the degree of polynomial that the gathered data represents. It is simultaneously operator tolerant and deterministic, and only requires one door-closing instance to provide an automatic tolerance reading. Commonly used in automobile applications, it completely eliminates human error and variation.

Each system consists of a magnetic sensor, which is placed near the door striker and connected to a data acquisition unit. Upon impact, the sensor’s strain gauge measures displacement with a high degree of accuracy. Output from the system is time stamped with correlated displacement measurements, and includes approximately 5,000 measurements per slam.


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OmniSlam’s software provides detailed information within an intuitive user interface. It comes with two integrated functions to enhance usability:

Function 1: Engineering Suite
This feature enables a one-time test to determine tolerance limit settings for a range of door closings. These values (the greatest and least acceptable efforts) can then be used with the inline software. This function can also be used for R&D and testing applications.

Function 2: Inline Software
This function is specially designed for operators who are testing door-closing effort on the assembly line. To operate, simply place the sensor in the door, scan the barcode/VIN of the car, and close the door. The software will provide a simple “Good” / “Not Good” reading.


OmniSlam is most commonly used to measure minimum door-closing effort for automobiles. However, it can be used in any product design or manufacturing application in which door-closing effort must be measured.

Inquiries and Orders

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What’s Included

  • Sensor: Each kit contains one magnetic sensor, which is available in a spherical shape.
  • Transceiver: A rechargeable, wireless transceiver connects with the WiseGap sensor and sends data to the base station.
  • Base Station: The USB-operated base station connects to any computer and receives data from the transceiver.
  • Software: Our intuitive software enables in-depth analysis of door-closing behavior.
  • Case: Take your OmniSlam system anywhere.


  • Operator independent — no human error
  • Very little hardware required
  • Minimal setup effort needed (no alignment necessary)
  • Repeatable and reproducible