Best In-Class Wireless Gap Measurement

Best In-Class Wireless Gap Measurement

Rapid, Precise, and Wireless Gap Measurement

Inora Technologies Portable Gap Measurement
WiseGap 2.4 — a sensor-controlled wireless gap measurement system — is a breakthrough product from Inora that eliminates the need for clumsy feeler gauges, clay, calipers, mechanical gauges, and thumbscrews. We used the power of our core Math Engine to make strain-gauge-based displacement measurements and wireless data acquisition reliable, quick, and incredibly accurate. Our portable system enables you to take static or dynamic measurements anywhere — from the factory floor to on-the-ground testing.


From manufacturing to robotics, WiseGap 2.4 sensors can be used to measure gaps between any corresponding surfaces. Popular applications include:

  • Automotive: Door, decklid, hood, and tailgate gap measurement
  • Aerospace: Closures and shimming
  • Fixtures: Meisterblock and gap

What’s Included

  • Sensors: Each kit comes standard with 12 sensors, though we can provide more via custom order. Featuring a steel body and a leaf spring, each sensor attaches to a surface via integrated magnets.
  • Shims: Decklid shims,  2.5mm and 5.0mm flat shims are included. We can also create custom adaptors for any application.
  • Transceivers: Each transceiver is clearly printed with a number for easy identification, and comes with a rechargeable battery.
  • Calibration Kit: Calibrate your sensors in under one minute with our certified gauge, which conforms to ISO 10360-2.
  • Base Station: The USB-operated base station connects to any computer and can receive data from an unlimited number of transceivers.
  • Carrying Case: Each rugged carrying case holds 12 sensors and accompanying equipment. It can be wheeled for easy transport.
  • Software: Our easy-to-use software enables instant recording of door-fit conditions, statistical analysis, and more.
  • Warranty: All hardware is covered by a one-year warranty.


  • Optimize door-fit conditions
  • Validate consistency of manufacturing and assembly processes during pilot and mass production
  • Prevent and diagnose wind noise, water leakage, and squeak or rattle problems
  • Reduce end customer warranty claims
  • Reduce production and manufacturing costs
  • Capture readings in real time for both static and dynamic environments (one reading per second)
  • Measure dynamically with our data logging feature, which captures 2,600 measurements per second
  • Integrate with other data collection devices and software

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Inquiries and Orders

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