Inora Data Analytics Engine

Instantly Derive Insights from Any Complex Dataset

All of Inora’s Intelligent Decision Making (IDM) software and products are built upon our breakthrough Math Engine — an analytical tool that extracts reliable, real-time insights from any set of data, regardless of its size or state. The Math Engine itself is powered by our proprietary algorithm. Developed over the course of more than 20 years by Inora scientists and researchers, this algorithm leverages the concept of generalized equilibrium. Put simply, this means that the algorithm autonomously determines the center of equilibrium in any dataset; it does this by defining a unique center, which is the shortest distance between all participating data and a single point. In addition to determining the center of equilibrium, Inora’s Math Engine reveals a unique form called the Inner Reference. This shape is defined as the area where all participating data points have the shortest orthogonal distances thereto — in turn, it defines the optimum generalized space around the center point.


Finally: Reproducibility in Data Analysis – Introducing Inora Math Engine Software

Inora Math Engine software is the first purely numerical optimization tool and entirely self-regulated combinatorial procedure to deliver perfect numerically balanced results:

EVERY time, ANY type of data, ALL sizes from small to BIG DATA.

Serving our clients in industry and science with Reliable, Repeatable, Reproducible and Accurate Data Analysis results.


INNER REFERENCE: The Discovery and Utilization of a NEW Natural Constant

Our knowledge that equilibrium has a center point and defined INNER REFERENCE shape (Hyper-Ellipsoid) and Inora’s capability to reproduce it within the Inora Math Engine is “The Golden Key” to instantaneous knowledge, perpetual optimum awareness in any data set, any process at any time under any real world condition.

Being able to reliably and accurately determine process parameter deviation from optimum is the key to providing the highest level of efficiency and sustainability to our clients

ADI – Artificial DETERMINISTIC Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is Fuzzy Logic, because it is dominated by assumptions, hypothesis, random sample, and Least Squares approaches. Learning strategies do not improve these basic deficiencies. Hence the resulting AI will always be fuzzy (watch out for the Google car).

Inora’s Artificial Deterministic Intelligence is derived from mathematical decision making: NO assumptions, NO hypothesis, NO randomness, NO guessing and NO fuzziness! Our self-regulated Math Engine relies on Primal-Dual principals and a whole new dimension and range of numerical checks to ensure perfect numerical equilibrium shape for reliable machine decision making.

Our clients in industry and science rely on our ADI kernel to unlock new levels in: process capability, autonomous control and optimization.


What does this mean?

By finding the optimal center and space within any set of data, you can easily:

  • Make accurate comparisons
  • Make accurate predictions
  • Fuse and analyze multiple sets of data
  • Pinpoint the root of challenges immediately

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Math Engine Benefits

  • Entirely self-regulated — no assumptions, approximations, or human rules required
  • Instantaneous, real-time situational awareness based on incoming streaming data
  • No need for forecasting models or mathematical/statistical modeling
  • No filtering required — every data point is used
  • Works with any set of data that can be digitized
  • Reliable, repeatable, and reproducible intelligent decision making
  • Works on any standard PC or laptop





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