Accurate, Reliable, Numerically Superior

Unprecedented Technology for Manufacturing Excellence

Manufacturing requires advanced data analytics to increase quality and drive cost savings.

Inora specializes in the highest level of data analytics supporting essential measurement and verification tools:

Spatial Reference System (SRS) Spatial Reference System (SRS)

Machine Verification Tool -- CNC / CMM / 3D Scanner / Laser Tracker / Laser Radar / Photogrammetry / Measurement Arms

WiseGap 2.4 WiseGap 2.4

Internal Closure Gap Measurement and Management

OmniSlam OmniSlam

Door-Closing Optimization Tool

OmniGap OmniGap

Hand-Held Gap Measurement Tool

Inora Affinity System (ASYS) Inora Affinity System (ASYS)

Real-Time In-line/Off-line Numerical Certainty


The initial implementation of the Inora SRS led to a 56% reduction in machining errors. Dr. Mo Omari
Technical Fellow, Manufacturing
Technology, General Motors


Assumption-Free & Self-Regulated

Operator Independent Measurements

High-Speed Data Interpretation

100% Reliable & Repeatable Results

Autonomous Capabilities


Reach Highest Numerical Accuracy

Analyze Data Faster without Bias

Enjoy Real-Time Assessments

Achieve Straight-Forward Insights

Reduce Need for Human Supervision