10 Tips for Growing Your CNC Business Part One

Do you need some tips for growing your CNC business?

Whether you’re operating a startup CNC machining company or have been in business for years, growth is the name of the game. With a crowded market filled with many large, well-established competitors, holding your own and growing beyond your competition can be challenging, but it can be done. We’ve got 10 simple suggestions for establishing a new CNC machine company or expanding an established one.

Tip #1: Develop Partnerships

The beginning stages of establishing or expanding your CNC shop can have some uncertainty and include several concerns, including volume expectations, client lists, and floor plans. The most valuable tool you have available during this period is your existing friendships and business connections. Having business peers to send clients your way, enter into partnerships, or simply give you advice on successful business growth practices are all ways in which your professional connections can help you get ahead.

Tip #2:  Know Your Target Market

Successful business practices include focusing on the types of purchasers that are apt to buy your products at a high volume rate. If your CNC shop specifies in producing smaller diameter gear shafts, it’s a good idea to establish relationships with companies who purchase them in large quantities. Having a target market helps you utilize your specialty in a more effective way, which cuts down on both wasted time and wasted product.

Tip #3: Don’t Rush

While you may be eager to purchase new machines or enlarge your facilities, doing so without proper planning or staffing will ultimately slow down your business growth and delay your long-term expansion. It’s far more beneficial in the long run to concentrate on small steps that foster slow and steady growth rather than attempting large scale leaps forward.

Tip #4: Follow Demand

Branching out and finding ways to produce new products is an excellent way to establish and grow, but diversifying to grow your company without carefully researching market demand an lead to disaster. See what manufacturing is taking off and what has hit a lull, and expand in ways that protect you regardless of market downsizing. For example, if you have a lathing shop with the training and funds to add on a profitable milling or plastic fabrication, your well-planned diversification can help sustain your growth even if one or the other product is on a downturn.

Tip #5: Be Open to Technological Advances 

Technology has been rapidly advancing at an astonishing rate for several years now, and you may find yourself put off by the constant change and financial investment involved in the training and set-up involved in adding new technology to your business operations. However, bankrolling new technologically advanced software and machinery can help your plant accomplish tasks that were previous impractical or even impossible and help you remain competitive in the forward-thinking marketplace.

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