8 Reasons to Utilize Automation

The use of automated manufacturing systems has been steadily increases over the past several years, and for good reason. Automation’s ability to process, assemble, inspect, and handle physical products in the manufacturing process can benefit your business in a number of ways. We’ve compiled a list of 8 reasons that you too should be utilizing automation. Here are 8 reasons to utilize automation in your manufacturing environment.

Reason #1: Increased labor productivity

Automated manufacturing operations increase production rates and labor productivity, giving your company greater output per hour of labor input. This increased production leads to greater gains for your business, which aids in your overall growth.

Reason #2: Reduces labor costs

Labor costs continue to slowly increase in all of the world’s industrialized societies. This has made higher investments in automation economically beneficial. While this does unfortunately reduce the need for laborers, which is at times not good for people, it does reduce unit production costs, which is very good for business. However, increased production does make it possible for companies to hire more people in the areas of production where automation is not necessary or feasible.

Reason #3: Mitigates the effects of labor shortages

Many companies have experienced a significant shortage in both general and skilled labor forces. This has made the usage of automated operations not just possible, but necessary.

Reason #4: Reduces or eliminates routine manual tasks

Automation of certain manual manufacturing tasks reduces or even eliminates the need to use employees for routine, menial, and quite often fatiguing tasks. This serves to improve labor energy and general working conditions.

Reason #5: Improves worker safety

The safety and physical well-being of the manufacturing workforce has been the focus of OSHA since 1970 and was an impetus for automation.

Automating operations and transferring your workers from active participant to supervisory roles, you greatly increase their safety by removing them from situations and tasks that quite frequently lead to injury.

Reason #6: Improves product quality

Not only does automation result in higher production rates than what you see with traditional manual operations, it also performs the manufacturing process with greater uniformity and conformity to quality specifications. This reduction of fraction defect rates is one of the primary benefits of automation.

Reason #7: Reduces manufacturing lead times

Automation will reduce the elapsed time between ordering and product delivery, which provides you with a significant competitive edge in your market. Reducing manufacturing lead time, you also reduce your work-in-progress inventory, saving you precious operational space.

Reason #8: Accomplishes processes that can’t be done manually

Finally, utilizing automation enables you to perform certain operations that simply cannot be done without the aid of a machine, such as processes that require optimum levels of precision, miniaturization, or complex geometry.

There is a significant competitive advantage to be gained by incorporating more automation in your manufacturing plant. Not only will it help you increase production and quality, reduce employee injury, and complete processes you could not do otherwise, it also leads to higher sales, customer and labor relations, and even a better company image.

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