Connected Manufacturing: The Wave of the Future

Recently, Plex Systems surveyed 197 manufacturing companies from a variety of sectors to determine which technologies and tools they rely on or plan to incorporate in the upcoming year. The results made the future clear: connected manufacturing is what it’s all about.

The Numbers

Of the companies Plex surveyed, 75% of them operate multiple facilities and nearly 90% of those have achieved significant growth over the last five years. The survey also found that:

  • 55% of manufacturing companies are utilizing cloud platforms and technologies to strengthen management of their global supply chains
  • 48% manage new product introductions more efficiently by using cloud-based platforms and technologies
  • 65% use consumer tablets on their plant floors
  • 40% have built or are in the process of building “smart” products

The Technology 

The Plex survey also determined which connected devices manufacturing companies are employing the most. The most popular devices being used in the industry are handheld scanners (94%), consumer mobile devices (79%), sensors (50%), and IP-enabled tools and machines (46%). Other popular devices include those that work in conjunction with Bluetooth (37%), quality scanners (32%), and smart thermostats/lighting controls (24%).

Cloud solutions are also becoming an integral part of connected manufacturing. Over 70% of companies surveyed reported that they are using cloud technology to improve their business insights. Cloud platforms are enabling them greater access to data across all systems, including manufacturing, supply chains, distribution, and customer interface systems. Cloud technology is playing an important role in improving the manufacturing industry’s connectivity and communication with their customers, suppliers, and transportation providers.

What This Means for Your Business

The inclusion of modern connecting devices serves as an outstanding way for you to improve how your business is run. Increasing supply chain connectivity, plant enterprise integration, and enhancing your quality programs using these technologies will help you automate quality management, enhance plant floor automation, contribute to increased production, and assist you in expanding into new markets.

The manufacturers surveyed agreed that cloud platforms and technologies and other connectivity-based devices are creating more streamlined operations and system-to-system integration, as well helping them improve the smoothness of their operations on all levels. What this means for you is improved supply-chain management, innovation, and product quality, all of which will serve to grow your business and increase your profitability.

Let Inora Help You

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