Deterministic Door Closing Effort: Omni-Slam

Looking for a way to accurately and quickly determine minimum door-closing effort in your automotive manufacturing production line? Then look no further than Inora’s upcoming Omni-Slam!

The Technology – Door Closure Optimization

Our patented Omni-Slam is an easy to use system that can quickly determine the minimum effort required to close a door. Created utilizing our patented Math Engine technology, the Omni-Slam automatically determines the degree of polynomial that the presented data represents in a way that is simultaneously operator tolerant and deterministic, giving you an accurate automatic tolerance reading with just one door closing.

How it Works

Each Omni-Slam system is comprised of a magnetic sensor to place near the door striker and a data acquisition unit to connect to the sensor. The sensor has a strain gauge measurement capability that has a high degree of accuracy (+/-0.03 mm) and the system output is time stamped with correlating displacement measurements of up to 5,000 readings per slam.

The Software

The Omni-Slam software has two functions used to provide detailed information within an intuitive user interface.

Function #1: Engineering

This function enables a one-time test that determines tolerance limit settings for a variety of door closings. The values can then be used with the inline software and also for R&D and testing applications.

Function #2: Inline

This function is designed for operators who are testing door closings directly on the assembly line. This feature is easy to operate and involves simply placing the sensor on the door, scanning the barcode/VIN of the vehicle, and close the door. The inline function will then provide an instant “good/not good” reading.

Benefits of the Omni-Slam

Our innovative Omni-Slam system is completely user-independent and therefore eliminates all human error. It also requires very little hardware, minimal setup effort and has completely repeatable and reproducible results with a +/-0.03mm accuracy.

What’s Included in the Omni-Slam System:

  • Sensor: Each kit contains one magnetic sensor, which is available in a linear or spherical shape.
  • Transceiver: A rechargeable, wireless transceiver connects with the WISEgap sensor and sends data to the base station.
  • Base Station: The USB-operated base station connects to any computer and receives data from the transceiver.
  • Software: Our intuitive software enables in-depth analysis of door-closing behavior.
  • Case: Take your Omni-Slam system anywhere.

About Inora

Our innovative systems use our patented Math Engine technology to keep your expensive automated machines running smoothly and efficiently by utilizing automated machine check technology. Visit for more information.