Framing a Gap Measurement Tool

Another Innovative Gap Measurement Tool From Inora.

At Inora we are constantly improving our products and collaborating with other organizations, demonstrated by our new frame solution. First displayed at the 2014 Euromold Show in Frankfurt Germany, Inora has partnered with Prototechnik Gmbh to create a frame/fixture for the WISEgap system.

You might ask, what are the benefits of a framed gap measurement tool?

For one thing it ensures repeatable placement of sensors in precise positions for every measurement, measuring an entire door in ~ 1 minute. The frames are also light enough to lift by a finger, and portable throughout the entire plant.

The WISEgap frame is an innovative solution that guarantees measurement efficiency, accuracy and repeatability!

A frame allows you to monitor the geometric & thermal form stability of a car throughout the manufacturing process, in correspondence to its moving parts (doors, decklid, liftgate, hood) from body in white welding to the fitted and finished car.

Since problems are immediately detected the root cause analysis is much quicker, resulting in huge cost reductions for OEMs.

To get your own custom framed gap measurement tool solution contact our sales team.