Gap Measurement Software Part One-WISEgap 2.4

WISEgap 2.4 is a sensor-controlled wireless gap measurement system that uses Inora’s breakthrough technology to eliminate awkward feeler gauges, clay, calipers, mechanical gauges, and thumbscrews, all of which are tedious to use and can have accuracy shortcomings.

Our Math Engine is the core of the accurate calibration of the WISEgap 2.4 , which facilitates increased cost and time saving when strain-gauge-based displacement measurements and wireless data acquisition is utilized, making the system reliable, speedy, and astonishingly accurate. The WISEgap 2.4 not only increases accuracy and speed, it is also entirely portable, making it possible for you to take static or dynamic measurements anywhere you need, from R&D and design applications to production, assembly and factory facilities.

WISEgap 2.4 sensors can be utilized for a range of applications from manufacturing to robotics, as it can measure gaps between any corresponding surfaces. This makes it popular for a usage in a variety of applications, including:

  • Automotive
    Such as doors, decklids, hoods, and tailgate gap measurements
  • Aerospace
    Including closures and shimming
  • Fixtures
    Predominantly meisterblock and gap

Included in each WISEgap 2.4 kit are:

  • Sensors
    While more can be provided via custom order, standard kits include 12 sensors featuring a steel body and leaf spring, enabling each sensor to attach to virtually any surface via integrated magnets, with an accuracy +/- .03 mm per sensor.
  • Shims
    Standard shims are 2.5mm flat, 5.0mm flat, 7.5mm flat and decklid shims are included in the kits, and we are also able to create custom adaptors for any application.
  • Transceivers
    Complete with rechargeable battery, each transceiver included is clearly printed with an easy to spot identification number.
  • Calibration Kit
    Providing less than one minute sensor calibration, this aspect of the WISEgap 2.4 kit comes with our ISO 10360-2 conforming certified gauge.
  • Base Station
    Entirely USB-operated, the base station connects to any computer and will receive data from an unlimited number of transceivers.
  • Carrying Case
    The rugged carrying case holds up to 12 sensors and their accompanying equipment and can also be wheeled for easy transport.
  • Software
    Inora’s innovative software is easy to use and enables instant recording of door-fit conditions, statistical analysis, and more.

All Inora WISEgap 2.4 kits also come with a one-year warranty for all included hardware.

The benefits of the WISEgap 2.4 are vast, including optimized door-fit conditions; validate consistency of manufacturing and assembly processes during pilot and mass productions, and reduced production and manufacturing costs.

The WISEgap 2.4 also prevents and diagnosis wind noise, water leakage, squeak or rattling issues, and relies on an accuracy of +/.03 mm. All of this aids in capturing readings in real time for both static and dynamic environments at one reading per second, measuring dynamically with our data logging feature, and integrates with other data collection devices and software. This lets OEMs control wind and water leakage, improving ultimate customer satisfaction.