Gap Measurement Software Part Two: Omni-Gap- The Economical Gap Measurement Choice

For those who need to measure gaps with the accuracy of the WISEgap but are budget-conscious, the Omni-Gap is the economical handheld gap measurement system alternative.  The Omni-gap brings you handheld seal gap measurement and  is portable, rapid, and precise. It is part of our continued dedication to utilizing our innovative Math Engine to provide reliable and accurate spot-check measurements.

From factory floor to on-the-ground testing, the Omni-gap is adaptable to several applications including door, decklid, hood, and tailgate measurements for the automotive industry, closures and shimming for aerospace manufacturing, and meisterblock and gap fixtures.

Included in the Omni-gap purchase is the handheld unit itself, with a 2×16 alphanumeric display, one sensor that provides accuracy of +/- 0.03mm, software that is easy to use both via desktop and in calibration, optional shimming accessories and protective cases and a one-year warranty for all items.

There are several benefits to utilizing the Omni-gap, all of which save you money and streamline your gap measurement process. The primary benefits to investing in the system include:

  • Optimize door-fit conditions
  • Validate consistency of manufacturing and assembly processes during pilot and mass production
  • Prevent and diagnose wind noise, water leakage, and squeak or rattle problems
  • Reduce end customer warranty claims
  • Reduce production and manufacturing costs
  • Rely on accuracy of +/- .03mm
  • Store up to 30,000 measurement sets with up to 120 measurements per set
  • ~15 hours of use plus ability to check battery use
  • Continuous measurement ability

The Inora Omni-gap is a truly versatile tool that provides flexibility in handheld gap measurements that can perform checks on the go. Able to both record single measurements and view continuous measurements, the Omni-gap can use either linear or spherical sensors to provide you with incredibly fast and accurate measurements.