InoraRAE Math Engine Software

Math Engine Software Technology that will Shape Tomorrow

With an eye towards the future growth of Artificial Deterministic Intelligence programming, Inora has utilized our innovative Math Engine Software to develop InoraRAE, a unique Linear Regression system that creates value quickly and seamlessly by automatically detecting deviations and true data set behavior with no human interaction or intervention.

The Benefits of InoraRae

 InoraRAE employs our proprietary Math Engine algorithm to create deterministic and corrective values in real time, drastically improving results by giving you instant access to true data behavior that is not reliant on human decisions, rules, or inputs. The results are entirely reproducible at any time, saving you time, money, and human resources.

Our Free Gift to You

 In our quest to share the power of the Inora Math Engine and the concept of Reliable Machine Decision Making with the manufacturing industry, we have committed ourselves to making the InoraRAE software available as a free download on our website, giving you an opportunity to test and explore sample data sets, preexisting data evaluation, and alternate linear regression program comparison.

The limitations of the free software download-including 2-class data segmentation applied to the line function, and 1,000 point and 2 dimension constraints-can be easily circumvented by upgrading to paid InoraRAE math engine software licensing options. Commercial licensing options work in conjunction with the free software to provide you with N-class data segmentation, which will find any and all hidden patterns in larger data sets, unlimited digital data points, and unlimited dimensions.

Even as a standalone free software, the InoraRAE software is an originative tool that will expand your understanding and utilization of the dynamic Math Engine, bringing your company to the next level in linear regression enhancement. Visit the RAE software page to download your free copy today and contact us with any questions you may have about our commercial licensing options.

Next Up: More in depth information on 2-class and N-class, with examples.