InoraSRS: The Next Level Machine Check is Here

As the experienced generation begins to leave the workforce, taking their manufacturing machine and technology knowledge and experience with them, many companies are finding themselves in a difficult situation: how to continue operating and maintaining their machinery without users who have the same wealth of knowledge as those who are now retiring. This trend is putting automation and user-invariant systems at the forefront of manufacturing demand and value, however finding the right system can be a daunting task. Let us introduce the InoraSRS, the most accurate machine check hardware and software on the market.

How Inora can Help

If you’re finding yourself faced with the task of finding an efficient solution that allows for operators of all skill levels to get consistent results with undeniable proof, the InoraSRS (Spatial Reference System) is the system for you. The InoraSRS takes the guesswork out of machine checks by moving traditional machine checks to the next level with a two tiered design that drastically reduces machine check time, is completely user-independent, has a quick and easy setup, and significantly cuts machine downtime. Developed by Inora using our innovative Math Engine, the InoraSRS is the first system of its kind and will vastly improve your company’s machine check process via two advantageous areas of strength: software and hardware.

The InoraSRS Strength Advantage #1: Next Level Math Logic

The InoraSRS software is the backbone of the system, giving completely operator-independent results. With traditional machine checks, an expert will get very different results from a new user. However, with the InoraSRS, a novice will get the exact same results as a pro. Additional benefits to the InoraSRS software system include:

  • Results not affected by unexpected deviations (Tolerance of up to 49% Unexpected Deviations)
  • Independently checks probing accuracy
  • No alignments needed in physically or for calculations
  • Pinpoints root error sources, enabling service to hone in on what needs to be adjusted with minimal machine downtime

The InoraSRS Strength Advantage #2: Hardware

The InoraSRS patented hardware works seamlessly with the software, delivering results that are patented and climate invariant, with Sphere Center to Sphere Center distances staying stable. The hardware system is also three dimensional and light and easy to transport across all departments and locations. Additionally, the system disassembles into six lengths, making it easy to certify by NIST or other accredited labs and traceable to national standards.

Additional Benefits of the InoraSRS

In addition to reducing time for machine verification, having a quick and easy setup, and being user independent, the InoraSRS also eliminates scrap and rework, is insensitive to temperature, pressure, and humidity, easily mountable, ideal for 3-D, 4th and 5th axis applications. The mathematical logic makes it the only independent, verifiable tool that is totally reproducible, hence truly accurate.

The InoraSRS is a conclusive solution in software and hardware that provides next level results, and solves and eases user expertise issues, while providing reliable machine monitoring through the intelligence the InoraSRS software. Contact Inora today and let us help you take your preventive maintenance to the next level.

Next Up: Using the InoraSRS with multiple types of machines: the cost saving benefits of repeatable, reproducible, and reliable results.