Introducing… The Omni-Gap! Handheld Gap Measurement

The most advanced handheld gap measurement tool on the market

For years Inora has provided best-in-class seal gap measurement systems with the WISEgap 2.4. Now Inora is releasing a portable, handheld gap measurement tool, the Omni-Gap! Inora decided on the word Omni, derived from the latin root “omnis” meaning “all” because that’s just what the Omni-Gap is meant for, measuring all gaps. It can be used to take quick seal gap spot-check measurements in the automotive & aerospace industry, but is also expandable to many other applications. It incorporates the robust sensor and flexible shimming system from the WISEgap 2.4 system. Inora has begun production and is now shipping out Omni-Gap units! To get more information on our handheld gap measurement tool, pricing, or to see how the Omni-gap can fit your unique applications contact our sales team.