Keep Your CNCs Running Smoothly with Inora’s Current Axis Test

As a manufacturer, you know that CNC machines are vital to the successful operations of any plant. They also tend to be expensive, so keeping them running as smoothly and efficiently as possible is paramount to the financial well being of your company. Inora can help you do just that with our innovative current axis test.

The Technology 

While Artificial Intelligence is becoming more prominent in the industrial market, because it is dominated by assumptions, hypothesis, random sample, and least squares approaches, it actually utilizes a fair amount of fuzzy logic. Therefore when Inora set out to create a more logical system for performing CNC health checks, we turned to ADI-Artificial Deterministic Intelligence.

ADI is derived from the mathematical decision making of our patented Math Engine. Our ADI-based Current Axis Test makes does not use assumptions, hypothesis, randomness, or guess work. The self-regulated Math Engine driven software relies on Primal-Dual principles and numerical checks to ensure perfect numerical equilibrium shape for reliable machine decision making. Our ADI based Current Axis Test unlocks new levels in process capability, autonomous control, and optimization, as our established customers in both industrial and scientific industries can attest to.

The Automatic Deterministic Health Check Benefits 

The Inora Current Axis Test benefits are numerous. The automatic deterministic health check nature of the test makes it easy to use, gives automatic health checks for rotary axis machines such as 4th and 5th axis CNC machines and lathes, and the use of ADI makes it the most effective software technology available.

Regular use of our Current Axis Test can also reduce downtime, scrap, and network costs as well as create consistency. Inora’s Current Axis Test provides assumption free ADI results using technology that has been thoroughly tested and does not need any datum or assumption.

Don’t delay-contact us today to learn more about utilizing the Inora Current Axist Test for all of your integral CNC machines!

About Inora 

Our innovative systems use our patented Math Engine technology to keep your expensive CNC machines running smoothly and efficiently by utilizing automated machine check technology.