Machine Health Check: The Inora Probe Check

There are a multitude of companies, both large and small that offer machine health check probes for CNC and other automated machines. At Inora, we’re not just creating fast, automated heath check systems for multi-axis machine tools, we’re doing it more accurately.

Our analysis relies on the Inora Math Engine, the most balanced and accurate linear regression algorithm to make our software more accurate.

What is the Inora difference?

The key to precision machining the ability to understand the location and centers of rotation of the rotary axes in balance and relation to the linear axes of the machine. Without Inora’s math engine driving our software, finding the truest center wouldn’t be possible. Therefore, the machine’s controller won’t be able to control the relative positions of the tool. Inconsistent machining will ensue.

You don’t have to understand the mathematics behind our software, but when it comes to accuracy in linear regression and finding the center of balance, we wrote the book. This is why many of the world’s largest manufacturers have relied on Inora to make their machining more accurate.

Other Key Benefits

Reducing Scraps

For many manufacturers there’s an inevitable amount of scrap material left over. It’s considered inevitable and a cost of doing business. However, excess scrap from unbalanced, or inaccurate machining is an expensive waste that can hurt your bottom line.

The Inora Probe check will help you reduce that waste by ensuring accuracy in your cuts, and maximizing your CNC. While your CNC machines are heavily automated there’s a human element to your manufacturing environment. Our implementation of the Probe Check will help your employees be up-to-date on the skill of machine checking and it can help to reduce the cost of scrap in your facility.

Clear Imaging Reports

The Inora Probe Check provides you, the manufacturing engineer, with clear reporting on the modifications that have been made to your machines. It will be easier to report the improvements that we’ve accomplished in your consistency.

This is not a one-time solution, increasing effectiveness of your tools by regular machine health checks is an essential part of your processes. We will work with you into the future to ensure that your machines are as accurate and balanced as possible. It’s the goal as a manufacturing partner to continue to help you produce the best products possible.