Moving Forward with Automation

With skilled labor continuing to be limited in the U.S. many manufacturing companies are filling the gaps with increased automation. With the right automated tools, you can greatly improve and increase part processing while simultaneously reducing your costs.

Why Automation?

Automation has become a determining factor in remaining competitive in the current ever-changing marketplace and is even helping the manufacturing industry as a whole regain some of the ground it has lost to international outsourcing.

From basic bar feeders to more complicated robots, the areas of your production that will benefit from utilizing automation include:

  • Productivity
    Unlike skilled human laborers, automated systems do not get sick, take breaks, or need vacations, enabling them to work more continuous hours per day and on weekends as well. This will greatly increase your productivity.
  • Accuracy
    Automated systems perform with less variability than employees, giving you far greater control and quality.
  • Maximized Tool Utilization
    With automated systems, part loading and unloading times are greatly reduced and allow for unmanned operations.
  • Flexibility
    Automation allows for quick changeovers, smaller batch sizes, and reduced stock and work-in-progress lines, which gives your company far greater flexibility in what it can be working on at one time.
  • Time Management
    Automated systems save time by eliminating repetitive tasks, giving employees more time to work on other projects.
  • Safety
    These systems also protect employees by keeping them a safe distance away from hazardous work areas, and also eliminate potentially dangerous jobs such as heavy part lifting.

Protecting your Investment 

Automated manufacturing tool systems are incredibly beneficial to the industry, but are also very expensive. Therefore it is important that you protect your investment, which is where Inora comes in. Our advanced Math Engine product line, which includes the InoraSRS automatic volumetric machine health checks, rotational axis checks, and Inora probe check, have revolutionized manufacturing in-line inspection and precision measurement by taking the guess work out of your machine checks.

Inora’s innovative line of Math Engine systems further automate your manufacturing company by keeping your expensive automated machine tool systems properly checked and calibrated quickly and efficiently. Our products are user-independent, verify consistently, reduce machine downtime, give completely repeatable, reproducible, and highly accurate results, are lightweight, portable, and insensitive to temperature, pressure, and humidity.

For more information on what Inora can do for you, feel free to reach out to us!