Omni-Slam-Deterministic Minimum Door-Closing Effort Verification

Inora will be introducing our Omni-Slam, an easy to use deterministic system that finds the minimum closing effort required to shut a door. Powered by our innovative Math Engine technology, the system will automatically determine the degree of polynomial that the gathered data represents. It’s the most accurate and balanced door-closing effort verification tool ever created.

The Omni-Slam is operator tolerant and deterministic simultaneously, and requires only one door-closing instance to provide automatic tolerance readings. Best used for automobile applications, the Omni-Slam eliminates human error and variation by utilizing a magnetic sensor that is placed near the door striker and connects to a data acquisition unit. Once impact is sensed, the gauge measures displacement with an accuracy of +/-0.03mm, while output is time stamped with the correlating displacement measurements, which includes approximately 5,000 measurements per slam.

Two integrated functions enhance the usability of the intuitive Omni-Slam software interface:

  • Function 1: Engineering Suite
    This feature enables the determination of tolerance limit settings for a range of door closings. These values (the greatest and least acceptable efforts) can then be used with the inline software. This function can also be used for R&D and testing applications as well as studies on door closing efforts and root causing.
  • Function 2: Inline Software
    This function is specially designed for operators who are testing door-closing effort on the assembly line. To operate, simply place the sensor in the door, scan the barcode/VIN of the car, and close the door. The software will provide a simple “Good” / “Not Good” reading.

Applications and Inclusions

Omni-Slam is most commonly used for automobile manufacturing minimum door-closing effort measuring, although it can be used in conjunction with any product design or manufacturing application that requires that door-closing effort be accurately and expediently measured.

Included in the Omni-Slam purchase is a sensor that is available in either linear or spherical shape, a rechargeable, wireless transceiver with WISEgap sensor, a USB-operated base station that connects to any computer, the intuitive software that enables in-depth analysis of door-closing behavior, and a sturdy, portable case.


  • Operator independent — no human error because of Math Engine software
  • Very little hardware required
  • Minimal setup effort needed (no alignment necessary)
  • Repeatable and reproducible
  • Accuracy within +/-0.03mm