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Our goal is to be your trusted partner in measurement and the understanding of data insights. Our evidence summaries describe some of our ground-breaking work.

Premium European Auto OEM

Inora SRS Proudly Serves as Referee

A premium European car company was in the process of choosing a new scanning capability for their manufacturing operations in a North American facility.  The OEM Quality team invited five of the world’s top metrology companies to come and demonstrate their scanning capability with their various hardware and software solutions.  They also invited Inora Technologies’ leadership team and the Inora SRS to serve as the deciding technology for their selection process.

  • The metrology companies set-up their scanning demonstrations one-by-one and were evaluated by Inora,
  • Using the SRS, Inora and the OEM customer were able to definitively determine the exact accuracy of each solution,
  • Each of the scanning solutions had issues that were conclusively identified (e.g. lighting, reflections, etc.) and accepted as fact by the metrology company representatives,
  • The SRS results were self-evident and irrefutable,
  • An optimal scanning capability decision was made by the OEM, and Inora SRS took the next step in establishing itself as the global standard for machine/scanner verification.


General Motors

SRS Machine Verification Tool in Action

It is not an easy task to have a significant incremental positive impact on an existing manufacturer’s operations — especially one that is among the best in the world at managing complex manufacturing processes and consistently achieving high levels of quality across their assembly and manufacturing locations.  But through its partnership with Inora Technologies at its Flint Tool and Die operations that is exactly what happened:

  • Implementation of Inora SRS across the plant floor with CNC machines,
  • Frequent verifications to assure machine capability remained in tolerance zones,
  • Special efforts to verify machines after incidents and following third shift,
  • 56% reduction in machining errors — improving quality and reducing scrap.

British Aerospace

SRS Machine Tool Verification Wins Awards

BAE Systems is well-known as one of the premier aircraft and defense companies in the world.  With their work on the Joint Strike Fighter F-35, they realized that the capability of their large CNC machines required more consistent and predictable performance.  Consequently, they partnered with Inora Technologies to address this issue by verifying their machines often and assuring quality results.

  • Frequent machine verifications made by BAE Systems’ staff,
  • Reduction of machining errors on large wing components created significant savings,
  • Inora SRS won the BAE Systems Bronze Chairman’s Award twice,
  • BAE Systems has mandated key supplier implementation of SRS for quality assurance on purchased parts.

Premium European Automaker Broad-Based WiseGap Integration

Uniform data-deterministic validation success

Many auto manufacturers use the WiseGap door gap measurement tool at different stages in the assembly process, but some even deploy WiseGap at multiple stages in their assembly plant to assess door gap behavior.  One premium European brand is unique however, using the product at four separate locations.

  • Measurement in body shop to determine initial door fit and hinge behavior,
  • Assessment after paint shop for validation of readiness for assembly,
  • Measurement in final assembly after interior trim installation,
  • Measurement post seal installation,
  • Quality measured by OEM internal metrics showed 35% improvement.

On-the-Spot Closure Assembly Assessment

Gap assessment when & where you need it

A major Japanese tier one auto supplier was having a significant issue with closure parts received from their OEM customers.  Their product development work depended on the sample parts they received being within tolerances and aligned properly.  The supplier quality team needed an inexpensive, portable tool with highly reliable performance to verify part quality upon receipt.  OmniGap provided an invaluable level of accuracy and reliability to uses as the basis for discussion with their customers — prior to the development and production teams proceeding with their work.

  • Quality staff had not previously been able to identify a specific problem area,
  • Traditional measurement tools were not sufficiently consistent and accurate for confident issue diagnosis,
  • Inora OmniGap provided the accuracy and reliability to  pinpoint specific issues as basis for conversation with customers,
  • Problem resolution was completed quickly and OmniGap is now a staple in the Quality team’s toolbox.

Inora ASYS Enabling the Move to In-Line Scanning

The basis for true understanding of point cloud comparisons

One major automotive OEM was considering the move from touch-point sampling of parts to in-line scanning of each part.  Their approach was thoughtful and calculated in that they realized that a means to do valid comparisons of point-cloud data from both approaches had problems numerically.   Consequently, by engaging Inora Technologies and the ASYS product, numerical purity proved to provide what they were looking for:

  • Traditional analysis methods that use selected reference points for comparison of measured parts to engineering intent data are subject to significant error and bias,
  • Manufacturing and Metrology teams struggled to find any common basis for valid comparisons even after months of effort — Inora ASYS works on a touch of a button basis,
  • Inora ASYS was engaged to assess 10 data sets from a CMM machine and 10 data sets from Laser Radar,
  • Exact magnitude and direction of method variation was calculated and delivered,
  • Decision for move to in-line measurement achieved through numerically validated approach with great confidence.