Inora Affinity System (ASYS)

Real-Time In-line/Off-line Numerical Certainty

Inora ASYS is a unique software product that provides immediate, autonomous feedback and unparalleled point-cloud stitching and matching capabilities to verify your part quality.

  • Real-Time Part Quality Assessment

  • Automatic, Data-Deterministic Anomaly Detection

  • Datum-Invariant Calculations – No Datum/Target Points Needed

  • Autonomous Monitoring of In-Line Scanning Capability

  • Compare Between Tactile and Non-Contact Measurement Tools in n-Dimensions

Point-Cloud Matching

Inora ASYS uses the point-cloud data collected from any of your scanning tools and applies its proprietary point-cloud matching system to align the scanned part’s point- cloud with its respective digital design intent. Using datum-invariant calculations, the Inora ASYS autonomously delivers real-time feedback regarding deviations for each aspect of a part from the engineering-based reference point-cloud for that part — including the absolute direction and magnitude for each of these deviations which can then be assessed relative to your desired tolerance boundaries.

In summary, the Inora ASYS delivers fast, reliable and actionable feedback and is becoming the new global standard for in-line measurements.

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Key Benefits

With an immediate, robust analysis of product quality and detailed information about variations from ideal, manufacturing and quality organizations can dramatically reduce the cost of quality. Key benefits include:

  • Reduces Troubleshooting & Rework Time
  • Provides Reliable Method to Verify Effectiveness of Corrective Actions
  • Eliminates Need for Precise Fixturing – Datum Invariant Capability Not Influenced by Part Positioning
  • Enables Dramatic Reductions in Launch & Set-Up Costs


Suitable for a wide range of manufacturing applications, Inora ASYS is especially critical for enabling the integration of accurate measurement information into tomorrow's real-time production environments.