Spatial Reference System (SRS)

Machine Verification Tool -- CNC / CMM / 3D Scanner / Laser Tracker / Laser Radar / Photogrammetry / Measurement Arms

Inora SRS employs advanced numerical balancing technology to do a holistic assessment of your measurement devices and your machine tools.

  • Machine Capabilities Numerically Determined with 100% Accuracy/Reliability

  • Industry’s only exact 12-parameter transformations

  • Verification Results Generated Independent of Operator

  • Root-Cause Analysis Streamlined with High Certainty

  • Cost Savings from Quality Improvements, Scrap Reduction, and Time Savings

Peerless Verification

The software technology powering the Inora SRS is beyond what any other tool in the market can offer. It leverages more than 30 years of development work in the areas of engineering optimization to deliver unprecedented levels of speed and accuracy.

The SRS hardware technology consists of a patented climate invariant artifact in the shape of a tetrahedron that has been designed to ensure optimal performance. The artifact comes in multiple sizes to fit any application and comes with mounting hardware to accommodate for any situation. We’ve designed the shape of the artifact for its stability as a platonic solid, and selected the materials for its construction because of their quality and durability. These include:

  • NIST Traceable Climate Invariant Carbon-Fiber Bars
  • Stainless Steel Grade 5  Spheres – Chrome and Matte Finish

100% Accurate and 100% Reliable Machine Verification

Inora SRS uses groundbreaking computations to produce highly holistic evaluation of measurement tools and machine tools in real time. At the touch of a button, the Inora SRS can identify the capabilities of any machine and provide detailed output for each of your machines parameters.

When the Inora SRS is used with CNC machines to verify their capabilities, the ease of doing a verification allows you to perform checks in as little as  ten minutes. This allows technicians to run verifications more frequently, reduce incidences of production errors, and expedite the time required for root-cause analysis, and all while using in-house resources without any risk of bias in the verification process.

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Key Benefits

Improved Internal Preventative Maintenance

  • No 3rd Party Reliance
  • Interim Check – e.g. Monthly, Weekly, Shift-by-shift
  • Quickly Capture Post-Incident Machine Capability
  • Make Informed Machine/Job Decisions
  • Pinpoint Issues – e.g. Direction & Magnitude of Machine’s Problem Areas

Quality Improvement and Cost Savings

  • Reduction in Scrap & Rework
  • More Uptime and Elimination of Unexpected/Avoidable Downtime
  • Avoidance of Incorrect Measurements/Parts & Downstream Effects
  • Service/Calibrations As-Needed Only
  • Quantification of Effect that External Variables Have on Equipment

“The Inora Spatial Reference System has revolutionized the capability management of our manufacturing processes.”

Trevor Smith
Specialist Engineer, BAE Systems

APPLICATIONS where 100% Accuracy and 100% Reliability matter

Scanner Synchronized CNC Machines


Laser Tracker

Probe-Capable CNC Machines