Hand-Held Gap Measurement Tool

Powered by the same sensor technology as the WiseGap 2.4, OmniGap is a portable, spot-checking tool that brings efficient, repeatable gap measurement analysis to the factory floor.

  • Single Sensor for Quick Spot Check Measurements
  • Continuous and Single Measurement Modes
  • USB Data Download and Charging Ports
  • Supporting Software for Calibration and Reporting

Product Features

The OmniGap tool does not compromise accuracy with its portable, easy-to-use design:

  • Hand-held OmniGap unit
  • Advanced strain gauge sensors with magnetic base
    • Optional non magnetic surface mounts (SuMo)
  • Variety of shims scalable to your application
  • User-friendly calibration software
  • One-year warranty

Portable Gap Measurement.

OmniGap uses a portable sensor system to measure the gap between various closures. It can be used in two modes, single or continuous measurement – both  modes provide rapid, repeatable results with perfect accuracy.

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Key Benefits

OmniGap provides many of the same benefits as its sister product, WiseGap 2.4. However, as a portable, hand-held device, it provides much more efficient spot checking. The freedom to spot-check gap closures on the factory floor ensures OmniGap reduces production and manufacturing costs.