Door-Closing Optimization Tool

Designed for the automotive industry, OmniSlam determines the minimum closing effort required to latch a door. OmniSlam is operator friendly and data deterministic, reducing the possibility of human error.

  • Objective Measurement of Door-Closing Effort

  • No Operator Subjectivity

  • Improved Problem Resolution and Reduced Warranty Claims

  • Root-Cause Indications for Fail Results

Product Features

OmniSlam delivers some of its best results when technicians can operate independently from the factory floor or the testing ground. That’s why we offer a durable and portable product that can be quickly and easily deployed in any environment.

  • Magnetic Spherical Sensor
  • USB – Powered Data Stream
  • Software with User-Friendly Interface
  • Storage Case for Easy Transport

Efficient and Repeatable Door-Closing Measurement

OmniSlam is a specialized tool designed to measure the minimum effort required to close a door within specified tolerances. Using a sensor placed near the striker, it provides a data-deterministic evaluation of the force used to close a door, and the response of the latch and closing mechanisms to the effort.

The OmniSlam Engineering System allows for two functions: a one-time test using the engineering software to determine the tolerance limit from a range of door closings for R&D and testing purposes, and, an in-line testing tool designed for operations on the factory floor to verify individual door performance. The in-line testing capability can be purchased in addition to the Engineering System.

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Key Benefits

By reducing the number of door closing efforts to one and delivering a simple pass/fail result, OmniSlam makes the quality control process on the factory floor fast, repeatable, and reliable. In the event of a failed test, data from the OmniSlam software assists with root cause analysis and adjustment guidance. 

The Engineering System also establishes a range of testing scenarios, from the model of the car, the position of the door being tested, and any other custom scenarios the engineers may want to control for (such as a new seal).


OmniSlam is custom-designed to measure the effort required to sufficiently close an automobile door, but it will deliver 100% numerically accurate and reliable feedback in any scenario where a measurement of door-closing effort is required.

Delivers repeatable and reproducible results which expedite design and testing efforts

Reduces warranty claims and the costs associated with resolving them

Offers a full Engineering System with research and development tools

Provides results based on door alignment, model, and closure type

Identifies production issues and reduces avoidable rework costs

Requires minimal hardware and can be deployed quickly with low effort