WiseGap 2.4

Internal Closure Gap Measurement and Management

The WiseGap 2.4 gap measurement tool offers a fast and repeatable way to quantify the seal of closures. With operator-invariant results, manufacturers can improve assembly and quality control processes of closure performance.

  • Static or Dynamic Closure Measurement

  • Fast Sensor Placement for Ease of Use

  • Simple to Repeat for Multiple Sensor Locations

  • Higher-Quality Data for Faster Decision Making and Problem Resolution

Package Description

WiseGap 2.4 comes with all the hardware required to deploy in most factory situations. If you require more sensors or customized adapters, we can work with you to provide hardware to match your desired applications.

  • Advanced strain gauge sensors with magnetic base
    • Optional non magnetic surface mounts (SuMo)
  • Variety of shims scalable to your application
  • Transceivers with rechargeable batteries
  • Calibration kit
  • USB-operated base station
  • Durable carrying case
  • Intuitive, user-friendly software
  • Full one-year warranty

Optimized Door Gap Measurement

WiseGap 2.4 provides both static and dynamic measurements of closures, from doors to deck lids, hoods, and tailgates. Both wireless and sensor-controlled, the WiseGap 2.4 system is an elegant replacement for feeler gauges, clay, calipers or mechanical gauges.

Our measurement sensors use strain-gauge-based displacement to collect data, wirelessly transmit it to our portable system, and yields operator-independent results with perfect accuracy and reproducibility.

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Key Benefits

With its quick sensor placement and intuitive design, WiseGap 2.4 makes the validation process on the factory floor run smoothly and efficiently. Technicians can rely on our system for easier handling and for sensor placement on a variety of surfaces.

WiseGap 2.4 also saves costs by reducing warranty claims and by preventing and diagnosing issues related to poor fit — such as wind noise, water leakage, loose fits and/or rattles.


WiseGap helps manufacturers optimize door fit conditions to provide a more secure closure, leading to reduced warranty claims and lower production costs.

Captures readings in both static and dynamic environments.

Validates manufacturing consistency during pilot tests and mass production.

Prevents and diagnoses wind noise, water leakage, and other fit problems.

Provides more data for faster root cause analysis and issue resolution.