Fast & Reliable Solutions Taking Your Manufacturing Quality to the Next Level

Setting a New Global Standard for Data Accuracy & Reliability in Manufacturing

Manufacturing relies on advanced data analytics to increase quality, efficiency, and cost savings. We supply powerful solutions through software applications and premium-grade hardware for global manufacturing operations to ensure the highest degree of actionable data insights.

Spatial Reference System (SRS)

Machine Verification Tool -- CNC / CMM / 3D Scanner / Laser Tracker / Laser Radar / Photogrammetry / Measurement Arms

Inora SRS employs advanced numerical balancing technology to do a holistic assessment of your measurement devices and your machine tools.

  • Machine Capabilities Numerically Determined with 100% Accuracy/Reliability

  • Industry’s only exact 12-parameter transformations

  • Verification Results Generated Independent of Operator

  • Root-Cause Analysis Streamlined with High Certainty

  • Cost Savings from Quality Improvements, Scrap Reduction, and Time Savings

WiseGap 2.4

Internal Closure Gap Measurement and Management

The WiseGap 2.4 gap measurement tool offers a fast and repeatable way to quantify the seal of closures. With operator-invariant results, manufacturers can improve assembly and quality control processes of closure performance.

  • Static or Dynamic Closure Measurement

  • Fast Sensor Placement for Ease of Use

  • Simple to Repeat for Multiple Sensor Locations

  • Higher-Quality Data for Faster Decision Making and Problem Resolution


Door-Closing Optimization Tool

Designed for the automotive industry, OmniSlam determines the minimum closing effort required to latch a door. OmniSlam is operator friendly and data deterministic, reducing the possibility of human error.

  • Objective Measurement of Door-Closing Effort

  • No Operator Subjectivity

  • Improved Problem Resolution and Reduced Warranty Claims

  • Root-Cause Indications for Fail Results


Hand-Held Gap Measurement Tool

Powered by the same sensor technology as the WiseGap 2.4, OmniGap is a portable, spot-checking tool that brings efficient, repeatable gap measurement analysis to the factory floor.

  • Single Sensor for Quick Spot Check Measurements
  • Continuous and Single Measurement Modes
  • USB Data Download and Charging Ports
  • Supporting Software for Calibration and Reporting

Inora Affinity System (ASYS)

Real-Time In-line/Off-line Numerical Certainty

Inora ASYS is a unique software product that provides immediate, autonomous feedback and unparalleled point-cloud stitching and matching capabilities to verify your part quality.

  • Real-Time Part Quality Assessment

  • Automatic, Data-Deterministic Anomaly Detection

  • Datum-Invariant Calculations – No Datum/Target Points Needed

  • Autonomous Monitoring of In-Line Scanning Capability

  • Compare Between Tactile and Non-Contact Measurement Tools in n-Dimensions

Consulting Services

Inora Technologies has nearly twenty years’ experience collaborating with corporations around the globe to create custom solutions improving their manufacturing capabilities. From these relationships, we have developed a method for partnering with organizations to design measurement and verification tools that meet their needs and often exceed their expectations.

If you require a custom data analytics tool to enhance your measurement and verification capabilities, we can work with you to create a tailored deployment of our proprietary technology.