Spotlight: Inora and Automation

In our previous post, we discussed eight reasons why your manufacturing business should be utilizing automation: increased labor productivity, reduced labor costs, mitigation of the effects of labor shortages, reducing or eliminating routine manual tasks, improving worker safety, improving product quality, reducing manufacturing lead times, and accomplishing tasks that can not be done manually. This week, we’ll explain how our innovative products can help you put automation to good use in your day to day operations.

The Technology 

All of Inora’s intelligent decision making (IDM) sofware and products are designed around our breakthrough Math Engine technology. The Math Engine is an analytical tool that extracts reliable, real-time insights from any set of data, and moreover, it does so completely without the use of human interaction. This means our algorithm determines the center of equilibrium in any dataset you give it completely autonomously. Our innovative Math Engine technology has enabled us to create several automated systems to aid you in your manufacturing operations, including:

  • Gap Measurement 
    Both our WISEgap 2.4 and our Omni-gap provide you with partially automated, rapid, accurate, and precise gap measurement, assisting you by optimizing door-fit conditions, validating consistency of manufacturing, preventing wind noise, water leakage, and squeaking problems, reducing production and manufacturing costs, and measuring dynamically with data logging, which captures 2,600  measurements per second.
  • Machine Verification 
    The Inora SRS, Current Axis Test, and Inora Probe Check are all completely automated systems that verify your production machines without the need for human interference. These software programs significantly reduce the time needed for machine verification, are completely user independent, have a quick and easy setup, reduce machine downtime, and eliminates scrap and rework.

What This Means for You 

Our Math Engine driven software is entirely self regulated and the first purely numerical optimization tool available, giving you perfectly balanced results, every single time, regardless of the type or size of your data. Our reliable and accurate determination process deterministic process instantly separates deviations from optimum results, providing you with the highest level of efficiency and sustainability available. All of our ADI software makes mathematically based decisions, with no assumptions, no hypothesis, no randomness, and no guessing, giving you process capability, autonomous control, and optimization, every single time.

Using our automated Math Engine software allows you to:

  • Make accurate comparisons
  • Make accurate predictions
  • Fuse and analyze multiple sets of data
  • Pinpoint the root of challenges instantaneously
  • Work with any set of data
  • Forgo filtering
  • Achieve reliable, repeatable, and reproducible intelligent decisions

These capabilities will ultimately allow you to increase your productivity, reduce your costs, improve your product quality, fill labor shortage gaps, and accomplish reliable system and machine checks with zero human error, bringing automation to you in one of the most integral areas of manufacturing.

About Inora

Our innovative systems use our patented Math Engine technology to keep your expensive automated machines running smoothly and efficiently by utilizing automated machine check technology.