Spotlight: Inora and General Manufacturing

In addition to being beneficial to the aerospace and automotive industries, Inora’s intelligent decision-making software can seamlessly be integrated into general manufacturing companies as well.  The proprietary algorithms used to create the Math Engine that forms the core of all of our software provides general manufacturing with a versatility and flexibility that simply cannot be found in any other intelligent decision making software currently on the market.

The Technology 

Inora has put our innovative Math Engine to good use by creating a series of three machine checks that can easily be utilized in your general manufacturing business: the Inora Spatial Reference System (SRS), Current Axis Test, and the Probe Check.

  • The Inora SRS
    Our Spatial Reference System dramatically speeds up the process of maximizing machine accuracy and consistency. It is the first system of its kind, delivering completely reliable, error-free volumetric checks, thereby eliminating errors in the general manufacturing process. A geometrically and thermally stable system, the SRS can be used in almost any location and condition, cuts down the verification process to only 10 to 30 minutes, can verify production and measuring machines, correlate CMM and CNC machines to determine appropriate calibration cycles, optimize CMM performance, and provide rapid checks of articulating arm portable CMMs and laser trackers.
  • Current Axis Test
    The Inora Current Axis Test is a simple to use automatic health check for rotary axis machines, such as CNCs and lathes. The check uses Artificial Deterministic Intelligence (ADI) to reduce downtime, scrap, and costs and increase consistency. Our thoroughly tested ADI-based Current Axis Test provides assumption free results and does not need any datum or assumption.
  • The Probe Check
    The Inora Probe Check is an automatic check that will determine the accuracy of any probe. Easy to use, its applications include CMM, CNC, lasers, scanning, and more. Our Probe Check combines the same ADI used in our Current Axis Test software with precision sphere hardware known as tooling balls or calibration spheres. These spheres are available in 1.5 inch diameter size, have a grade 5 accuracy, and come in both metallic and matte finishes. The Inora Probe Check can determine “good points” and unexpected deviations with a true accuracy that best fitting and least squares can’t provide.  Our Probe Check will also reduce your manufacturing downtime, scrap, and network costs.

How this Benefits the General Manufacturing Industry

Our patented Math Engine driven machine checks benefit the general manufacturing industry in a number of ways, including:

  • Significantly reduced time for machine verification
  • User independent
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Reduce machine downtime
  • Consistent verification eliminates scrap and rework
  • Insensitive to temperature, pressure, and humidity
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Repeatable, reproducible, and highly accurate
  • Can be automated through use of a pallet system

In terms of specific applications in general manufacturing, Inora Machine Check software can be used for:

  • In-line inspection
  • Real-time supply chain optimization
  • Precise CNC control
  • Robotics and CNC machine setup, regardless of axial orientation
  • Real-time inventory control and production scheduling

About Inora

Our innovated machine check systems use our patented Math Engine technology to keep your costly manufacturing machines running smoothly and efficiently with no human error. Contact us today to learn more about the InoraSRS, Current Axis Test, and Probe Check, which dramatically speed the process of maximizing machine accuracy and consistency.