Spotlight: Inora and the Aerospace Industry

Inora’s Intelligent Decision Making (IDM) software products are all built around our patented Math Engine, which is a breakthrough analytical tool that extracts real-time insights from machine data without the need for human intervention. The proprietary algorithm Inora uses to power the Math Engine was developed through more than 20 years of scientific research and can autonomously determine the center of any dataset and reveals the unique “inner reference”. The inner reference defines the shortest distance between participating data and in turn, defines the optimum generalized space around this center point.

What this Means in Practical Terms

 Inora’s algorithms can be used for many custom applications, making our innovative technology applicable to countless industries. Our applications have already made significant inroads in the automotive industry and are making headway in several others as well thanks to the flexibility and versatility of our Math Engine technology. As an analytical tool, it can be used to extract new insights from vast datasets across multiple enterprises, including the aerospace industry.

How Inora Innovation Benefits the Aerospace Industry

Our advanced Math Engine technology and software can be utilized in the aerospace industry in a number of ways, from design and manufacturing, to safety compliance and operation. The benefits of investing in the Inora advantage include making accurate comparisons and predictions, fusing and analyzing multiple sets of data, and pinpointing the root of challenges immediately.

Because the Math Engine is entirely self-regulated with no assumptions, approximations, or human rules or interference required, it is an ideal tool for the aerospace industry. The Math Engine will give you instantaneous, real-time situational awareness and can work with any set of data that can be digitized. This eliminates the need for data filtering, forecasting and mathematical/statistical modeling and enables you to make reliable, repeatable, reproducible, and intelligent decisions.

This reliability makes the Math Engine software perfect for use in the aerospace industry in the areas of:

  • Navigation
  • Precise target identification
  • Elimination of erroneous signals
  • Manufacturing: in-line inspection of components, subsystems, and systems
  • Precise, high-speed, accurate, and reliable decision making for control system algorithms, including avionics, fuel efficiency, air pressure, pressure sensors, wings, etc.

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About Inora

Our innovated machine check systems use our patented Math Engine technology to keep your costly IIoT machines running smoothly and efficiently with no human error. Contact us today to learn more about the InoraSRS, which dramatically speeds the process of maximizing machine accuracy and consistency.