Spotlight: Inora and the Automotive Industry

All of Inora’s Intelligent Decision Making (IDM) software and products are built upon the innovative Math Engine, which is an analytical tool that extracts reliable and real time information from any set of data. This technology can be practically applied in a number of advanced fields, including the automotive industry.

The Technology

Inora’s Math Engine is the first purely numerical optimization tool. All of the software and products that run on our Math Engine deliver perfectly balanced results every time, using any type of data no matter the size. This enables the software to make accurate comparisons and conditions, fuse and analyze multiple sets of data, and immediately pinpoint the root of any issues.

The benefits of the Math Engine technology are innumerable, but primarily consist of:

  • Entirely self-regulated — no assumptions, approximations, or human rules required
  • Instantaneous, real-time situational awareness based on incoming streaming data
  • No need for forecasting models or mathematical/statistical modeling
  • No filtering required — every data point is used
  • Works with any set of data that can be digitized
  • Reliable, repeatable, and reproducible intelligent decision-making
  • Works on any standard PC or laptop

What This Means for the Automotive Industry

Inora’s intelligent business software enhances countless industries and has already made inroads in the automotive industry. Our Math Engine is versatile and flexible, can be used to extract new insights from large datasets across multiple enterprises, and many of our clients in automotive manufacturing utilize Inora’s proprietary algorithms for custom market analytical tools. Some of the ways our technology can be used to benefit the automotive industry on multiple levels include:

  • Product risk analysis
  • Elimination of erroneous warning signals
  • Manufacturing: quick, in-process inspection and decision making
  • Design and development: optimization of vehicle stability control, engine control, brake system control, power steering control, transmission control, and dynamic vehicle control
  • Navigation systems: radar, sensor fusion, and dynamic vehicle performance control
  • ADAS general management: vehicle sales analysis, parts distribution analysis, and sales data analysis
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle communication

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About Inora

Our innovated machine check systems use our patented Math Engine technology to keep your costly automotive manufacturing machines running smoothly and efficiently with no human error. Contact us today to learn more about the InoraSRS, which dramatically speeds the process of maximizing machine accuracy and consistency.