Spotlight: Inora’s Math Engine and Other Industries

While Inora’s innovative technology is most utilized in the aerospace, automotive, and general manufacturing industries, our intelligent decision making software is beneficial to a number of other industries as well. The Math Engine algorithms at the core of all of our products are versatile and flexible enough to be used in a number of areas.

The Technology

All of our IDM software and products are built upon our proprietary Math Engine technology, which is an analytical tool that extracts reliable, real-time insights from any set of data regardless of size or state. The Math Engine reveals a unique form called the Inner Reference, which is defined when all participating data points come together to form the shortest distance. This then defines the optimal general space around the center point.

Inora’s Math Engine software is truly the first of its kind: a numerical optimization tool that is entirely self-regulated to deliver perfectly balanced results every time, using any type of data. This reliability and accuracy enables our software to deliver the highest level of efficiency and sustainability possible to our clients in all industries.

Math Engine Benefits

Because the Math Engine-centered software finds the optimal center and space within any set of data, it enables the user to make accurate comparisons and predictions, fuse and analyze multiple sets of data, and pinpoint the root of any challenges immediately.

Other Math Engine benefits include:

  • Entirely self-regulated — no assumptions, approximations, or human rules required
  • Instantaneous, real-time situational awareness based on incoming streaming data
  • No need for forecasting models or mathematical/statistical modeling
  • No filtering required — every data point is used
  • Works with any set of data that can be digitized
  • Reliable, repeatable, and reproducible intelligent decision making
  • Works on any standard PC or laptop

Industries That Benefit from the Math Engine Technology

There are several other industries that benefit from using our innovative software, including finance and banking, insurance and health, oil and natural gas, and any other industry that utilizes artificial intelligence and situational awareness. The beneficial uses for each of these industries include:

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Situational Awareness
    • Makes integrating a reliable decision-making process into deep learning and neural network algorithms possible
    • Provides instantaneous determination and extraction of unnecessary data
    • Brings situational awareness to your current AI framework
  2. Finance/Banking
    • Makes identifying financial risk in deal development opportunities such as hedge funds simple
    • Provides risk ratings for stocks and bonds
    • Gives real-time forecasting
    • Simplifies stock floor trading
    • Provides decision-making assistance for high-volume stock trading
    • Assists in mortgage application analysis
  3. Insurance and Health
    • Provides dynamic insurance risk analysis
    • Gives actuarial data analysis
    • Helps with preventative screening for health and lifestyle recommendations
    • Assists in out-of-network claim detection
  4. Oil and Natural Gas
    • Helps with satellite monitoring
    • Assists with ground and water exploration
    • Provides real-time data-signal analysis for oil exploration

The benefits of Inora’s Math Engine based software are virtually endless in a variety of industries. Contact us today to learn more.

About Inora

Our innovated machine check systems use our patented Math Engine technology to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently with no human error.