Staying Compliant in the Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry has some of the toughest compliance regulations in the nation, with good cause. Every facet of airline production and operation contributes to the safety and well being of every crewmember and passenger every plane takes into the air. As an aerospace manufacturer, it is vital that you follow the rules to the letter, and we have some valuable tips to help you do just that. Staying compliant in the aerospace industry requires multiple factors. Is your industrial company focussed on what it takes? Let’s take a look.

Keep up with Industry Regulations

Unlike most types of manufacturing, aerospace compliance is dictated and governed by its own industry-specific regulations. The Aerospace Industry Association is the international organization that oversees airplane manufacturing safety and sets up country-specific organizations that add extra watchful eyes on the industry.

The AIA’s rules and regulations are in depth and, in an effort to keep up with technology and safety discoveries, frequently updated and changed. It is essential that you familiarize yourself with the AIA compliance rules and keep yourself up to date down to the minute with the latest compliance requirements.

Ensure all Employees are Properly Trained

When you stop and consider that fast food workers receive several hours of training before they actually begin working and then have periodic training sessions to ensure they are compliant with the latest technology and regulations, it puts the amount of training an aerospace manufacturing employee needs into perspective.

Regardless of whether you are operating in the private, public, or commercial sectors, ensuring that you have a solid team of competent and qualified staff will greatly improve the compliance credentials of your company. Making sure everyone who works for your business is on the same page and has a comprehensive understanding of all current rules and regulations is a integral part of remaining compliant in the aerospace industry.

Utilize Technology

Technology has permeated every aspect of our business lives and spans across virtually every industry, with aerospace being no exception. There are several intelligent software solutions available now that are designed to streamline your internal operations, which increases both efficiency and compliance. Used properly, the right software can play an important role in keeping your aviation manufacturing business compliant.

Keep in mind, software does not only relate to the computers that you use in your company. Researching and investing in machinery that utilizes intelligent software and reduces the risk of human error will also aid you in your compliance goals.

Assign Dedicated Teams

One thing that you should never do is leave your company’s compliance to chance. Assigning a dedicated compliance manager to oversee all aspects of operations relating to safety, maintenance, legalities, staffing, and other compliance-related areas will eliminate the risk of potential issues going unnoticed and creating regulatory issues.

If yours is a large company, you may also want to consider forming and entire compliance team. The bigger the organization, the more potential there are for errors, so the more dedicated compliance team members you have, the less likely it will be that you’ll be faced with compliance problems.

Manage Documents Electronically

Finally, with the amount of paperwork the aviation manufacturing industry is burdened with, it is unfortunately entirely too easy for tiny mistakes to be made. This can mean disaster for your business, especially if it is relating to maintenance. Eliminate these potential disasters by switching to electronic document management, which will digitalize and house all paperwork related to safety, maintenance, and legal compliance in one central and easy to access location, removing all risk of important paperwork being lost, misplaced, or submitted late.

About Inora

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