The Inora SRS: A Valuable Investment in 2017

As 2016 draws to a close and your manufacturing company begins looking towards new business investments for the coming year, consider taking your machine checks to the with Inora’s patented Math Engine based SRS software.

Why Machine Checks Matter

When developing new parts using complicated machinery such as CNC’s, the time investment is extensive. The process is comprised of several steps and can take up to several weeks to complete, therefore machining errors impact production in a number of costly ways, from extended manufacturing delays to the human time needed to conduct root cause analysis and corrections. Precise and timely machine checks are an integral part of keeping your plant up and running.

The InoraSRS Difference 

The Math Engine driven Inora SRS (spatial reference system) dramatically reduces the time needed to check maximize the accuracy and consistency of your expensive machinery. The first system of its kind, the InoraSRS delivers reliable, error-free volumetric checks, eliminating compounding errors and expediting the setup and testing process.

Our proprietary system is composed of six NIST-traceable carbon filer bars and four steel spheres that connect for form a rigid tetrahedron. This symmetrical tetrahedron shape is geometrically and thermally stable, making it usable in almost any location or condition and provides you with six easy to read comparisons.

Our innovative SRS aids in production verification and the measurement of machines such as tools, CMMs, and robots, correlates CMM and CNC machines to determine appropriate calibration cycles, provides rapid checks of articulating-arm portable CMM and laser trackers, and optimizes CMM performance, all of which protects your machinery costly breakdowns and repairs.

The Inora SRS also saves you valuable production time. Traditional machine check processes take anywhere from three to five hours to complete, while the SRS volumetric check averages between 10 and 30 minutes and with regular setup and use, this time can be reduced even further.

Additional InoraSRS Benefits

Investing in an Inora SRS is a prudent financial move as the system can be utilized during both the short term process of buying or selling machinery, but also in the long term as a method of speedy machine incident investigation and continual predictive maintenance. Additional benefits of the Inora SRS include:

  • Completely user-independent results
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Machine downtime reduction
  • Elimination of scrap and rework
  • Temperature, pressure, and humidity insensitivity
  • Lightweight, easily transportable, and mountable
  • Ideal for 2-D, 3-D, 4th and 5th axis applications
  • Results are completely repeatable, reproducible, and highly accurate
  • Can be automated through the use of a pallet system

As you plan your machinery and software budget for 2017, consider investing in the Inora SRS as a fast and reliable way to keep all of your expensive machinery running optimally and keep your production line running smoothly and efficiently.

About Inora

Our innovative systems use our patented Math Engine technology to keep your expensive automated machines running smoothly and efficiently by utilizing automated machine check technology.