Tips to Consider When Buying a New Machine Tool

Are you buying a new machine tool for your business? With an array of machine tool brands, models, and styles available in today’s market, narrowing down your search can be an overwhelming task.  Once you have selected a few machines you’re interested in, a competitive analysis is necessary, increasing the time needed to complete the purchase.

Fortunately we’ve done some research for you and have a few tips to streamline the process.

Consider Your Needs

The first thing to consider is where your machine tool needs truly lie. Need to ramp up production by adding an additional CNC? Looking to increase odd-shaped cutting capacity with a new broaching machine? Or simply need to add an extra lathe or two to your shop? The first step in the process of buying a new machine tool is determining exactly what it is your machine shop needs most. Once you’ve zeroed in on your specific machine tools, you can begin the comparative analysis.

Comparing Machine Tools

An excellent resource for machine tool comparative analysis is This free, easy-to-solution simplifies your search by enabling you to input machine tool specs, attributes, and other requirements into a search field. The form then returns a list of matching models as well as the contact information of various suppliers. Techspex’s database currently holds more than 600 brands and 7,500 machine models, giving you a wide variety of information to assist you in your selection.

Searches can be done on a variety of machine tool types, including turning, milling, and grinding machines, saws, presses, and EDMS. Once you’ve selected the machine type, you can further define the information returned by adding additional spec information.

After the Purchase

Your machine tool investment doesn’t end once you’ve made your final selection and purchase. Once you’ve made your purchase, it’s time to switch focus to proper maintenance and calibration. This is where the InoraSRS comes in-the SRS is a machine-tool buy-off essential, providing you with easy, cost effective machine checks, verification, calibration, and preventative maintenance and monitoring overall machine health.

If providing quality to your end customers is as important to your company as it is to Inora, then it makes sense to have a tool to verify the machine is as accurate as it is supposed to be. The InoraSRS is compatible with 3-axis, 4th axis,5th axis and other multi-axis machines that have probing capability and is powered by our innovative math engine technology, which uses artificial intelligence to provide unparalleled data analysis and optimization.

Regardless of your ultimate machine tool selection, the InoraSRS will calibrate it with the highest precision available in any machine check tool on the market. For more information, visit .