Top 5 Safety Tips for Machine Operators

When operating any heavy piece of machinery, safety is of the upmost concern. Having proper safety rules and practices in place in your shop reduce the risks of injury including those sustained from moving parts, tissue damage from hot or cold parts, hearing loss, eye damage, and stress placed on the body from repetitive motion and heavy lifting. Fortunately, keeping your employees safe is simple when you follow these 5 basic safety tips.

Tip #1: Make sure all operators are properly trained.

Every machine in use in your company requires different training to fully understand how to operate it safely, including newer user-friendly, technologically advanced machines.  Keep operational injuries down by ensuring that only properly trained machinists use each machine and provide any additional training necessary before moving operators from one machine to another.

Tip #2: Always shut off machines before opening doors or removing machine guards.

A surprising number of on the job accidents occur when operators attempt to remove jams or reposition cutting tools while the machine is still on. Prevent this from happening by properly training all employees in machine safety and consider purchasing safety guards and doors that require special tools to be removed by service personnel. Such barriers will prevent operators from coming into contact with moving parts and will also deter debris and sparks from reaching the machinist.

Tip #3: Always keep machines well maintained.

Schedule regular maintenance for all machines to keep them operating at peak performance both operationally and safety-wise. Regular machine checks to ensure tool efficiency also greatly reduces employee injury, while immediately addressing any issues your operators bring to your attention keeps your machines functioning at peak safety.

Tip #4: Utilize Ergonomics

Ergonomically designed machines make tool loading easier and parts easier to access, which reduces the risk of the fatigue, discomfort, and injury that can come with frequent bending, reaching, and heavy lifting.

Tip #5: Always wear personal protective equipment

Last but not least, don’t forget the basics. Use of personal protective equipment such as safety goggles, hearing protection, and safety work shoes are quite often your first lines of defense in injury and accident prevention.

Although it is impossible to prevent all on-site accidents, utilizing these 5 simple safety tips for machine operators will greatly reduce the risk of injuries, saving you and your employees both time and money.

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