Using Social Media to your Advantage as a Manufacturer

While social media has become a customer connectivity mainstay for many industries, the manufacturing sector has continued to fall behind in social media utilization. However, with 74% of technical professionals using LinkedIn and 61% on Facebook, it’s clear that social media is an untapped resource that you should be using to your advantage.

The Benefits of Social Media

The aforementioned statistics show that your target market is staying connected and they are waiting to see content from you. Of all the technical professionals who use social media, 69% of them follow manufacturing companies and 47% look specifically for product and industry information and news while they are online.

This all gives you the perfect opportunity to get your manufacturing company’s products out there for current and potential customers to see, expanding your marketplace and increasing your revenues. This provides you with a unique opportunity to push your company’s messaging and products to potential or current customers.

Utilizing social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn allows you to push your content in a very focused and specific way and gets your name out there to customers. Use these platforms to share original content that promotes your products, make people aware of any upcoming events your company might be having, and keep followers aware of current company news. Frequently updating your content gives you a social network boost and keeps your name and products fresh in the minds of your readers, while regularly sharing posts from your website or blog will increase traffic to your sites and further broaden your customer base and sales potential.

Content Focus

Once you’ve established yourself on a few social media sites, it’s important that you focus on the right content. Sharing short informative posts, high-quality photos, and videos of your manufactured products gives your followers and opportunity to see the innovated technology you are utilizing and the outstanding products you are creating. Keeping your social media posts short and to the point while also linking back to your website or blog will grab the attention of your audience while simultaneously pulling them into the more in depth content you provide on your company’s official websites.

Sharing these target-marketed posts will also boost your company by giving your current followers content to share with their professional contacts, which in turn gets them interested in your company, and so on. Audience building is the name of the game in the social media realm and only regularly connecting with your followers and giving them something interesting to talk about can achieve this.

Ultimately this content sharing leads to an increased customer base and increased sales for you, which will only benefit your individual company and the manufacturing industry as a whole. Don’t hesitate-begin broadening your customer base with social media utilization today!

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