Inora ASYS Enabling the Move to In-Line Scanning

One major automotive OEM was considering the move from touch-point sampling of parts to in-line scanning of each part.  Their approach was thoughtful and calculated in that they realized that a means to do valid comparisons of point-cloud data from both approaches had problems numerically.   Consequently, by engaging Inora Technologies and the ASYS product, numerical purity proved to provide what they were looking for:

  • Traditional analysis methods that use selected reference points for comparison of measured parts to engineering intent data are subject to significant error and bias,
  • Manufacturing and Metrology teams struggled to find any common basis for valid comparisons even after months of effort — Inora ASYS works on a touch of a button basis,
  • Inora ASYS was engaged to assess 10 data sets from a CMM machine and 10 data sets from Laser Radar,
  • Exact magnitude and direction of method variation was calculated and delivered,
  • Decision for move to in-line measurement achieved through numerically validated approach with great confidence.