On-the-Spot Closure Assembly Assessment

A major Japanese tier one auto supplier was having a significant issue with closure parts received from their OEM customers.  Their product development work depended on the sample parts they received being within tolerances and aligned properly.  The supplier quality team needed an inexpensive, portable tool with highly reliable performance to verify part quality upon receipt.  OmniGap provided an invaluable level of accuracy and reliability to uses as the basis for discussion with their customers — prior to the development and production teams proceeding with their work.

  • Quality staff had not previously been able to identify a specific problem area,
  • Traditional measurement tools were not sufficiently consistent and accurate for confident issue diagnosis,
  • Inora OmniGap provided the accuracy and reliability to  pinpoint specific issues as basis for conversation with customers,
  • Problem resolution was completed quickly and OmniGap is now a staple in the Quality team’s toolbox.