Premium European Auto OEM

A premium European car company was in the process of choosing a new scanning capability for their manufacturing operations in a North American facility.  The OEM Quality team invited five of the world’s top metrology companies to come and demonstrate their scanning capability with their various hardware and software solutions.  They also invited Inora Technologies’ leadership team and the Inora SRS to serve as the deciding technology for their selection process.

  • The metrology companies set-up their scanning demonstrations one-by-one and were evaluated by Inora,
  • Using the SRS, Inora and the OEM customer were able to definitively determine the exact accuracy of each solution,
  • Each of the scanning solutions had issues that were conclusively identified (e.g. lighting, reflections, etc.) and accepted as fact by the metrology company representatives,
  • The SRS results were self-evident and irrefutable,
  • An optimal scanning capability decision was made by the OEM, and Inora SRS took the next step in establishing itself as the global standard for machine/scanner verification.